The defining feature of the TALA N is the large door for an unobstructed view of the fire. The main material used for the body is sheet metal, which also determines the overall impression of the stove.

This fireplace stove is suitable for all types of interiors. The design of the stove allows optional flue connection both ways, top or rear. Thanks to the secondary air intake, the door glass is air-washed to prevent the cumulation of soot. The combustion chamber is lined with chamotte brick tiles. The primary and secondary air intakes are regulated by a single control element. The bottom part of the stove can be used for storing a small amount of wood.

Please take note that a woodburning fireplace require flues as well as an installation. Contact us for a quotation.

Delivery/Courier is not included. Additional delivery/courier costs may apply depending on the delivery address.

470mm (W) x 433mm (D) x 1064mm (H)


Heating Capacity:
10kW | ±100m² | up to 230m³


Flue Outlet:

Flue Size: