The freestanding casing of the Lacunza is made from durable carbon steel and powder coated to a luxurious mat finish. You can place the freestanding Lacunza closed combustion fireplace on a non-combustible surface like a concrete plinth or choose one of two bases. Choose between a freestanding log box, bench or a pedestal. All are finished with the same luxurious powder-coated mat finish.

Product Information:

  • Carbon steel double-sided 1000mm
  • Black vermiculite panels
  • Black refractory stone base
  • Stainless steel removable ash pan
  • Full glass doors
  • 200mm or reduced to 180mm flue connection
  • Double combustion control
  • 15,6 to 22 kW

Please take note that a woodburning fireplace requires flue as well as an installation. Contact us for a quotation.

Delivery is not included. Additional delivery costs may apply depending on the delivery address.

Unit Size: W 1042mm x H 562mm x D 515mm
Heating Capacity: 15,6 to 22 kW