Wall Mounted Wood Stoves have been a thought Infiniti Fires have had for some time now, and they have designed and tested what they believe could be some of the greatest designs in the market. Their Wall Mounted Units are quite simply the same as their convection units, with some slight modifications that enable these to be easily fitted onto the wall mounted bracket for a fast and efficient installation.

Adding to these Wall Mounted Units, we believe there is something quite unique about their Curved Wall Mounted Wood Stoves. A modern twist to the freestanding variant, allows you to have this curvy floating fireplace installed at a height that the customer desires. With the option of the rear
exit flue to make extraction of smoke look like a magical wonder, the Wall Mounted Curve would look like a piece of art securely fitted to the wall.

– Each unit comes with an attachable Slide Out Table to easily prepare your fire when lighting, or when you are restoking the fire. The slide out table also contains any mess that could potentially fall out the fireplace when you are restoking the fire.

– The bracket comes complete with 4x Roll Bolts with various mounting holes and the bracket to safely secure the bracket to the wall. Should one of the drilled holes into the wall seem weak, you can opt for one of the other holes pre-cut into the bracket.

– A Heat Deflector Plate is also supplied which can be attached to the top of the wall-mounted bracket. This is to lessen the heat given off from the flue to the wall behind. This is a loose item and can be removed if preferred.

Please take note that a woodburning fireplace require flues as well as an installation. Contact us for a quotation.

Delivery/Courier is not included. Additional delivery/courier costs may apply depending on the delivery address.

10kw Curve unit: 711mm (W) x 477mm (D) x 641mm (H)
12kw Curve unit: 787mm (W) x 477mm (D) x 641mm (H)

8kw unit: 667mm (W) x 455mm (D) x 679mm (H)
10kw unit: 750mm (W) x 455mm (D) x 679mm (H)
13kw unit: 870mm (W) x 455mm (D) x 679mm (H)
14kw unit: 840mm (W) x 490mm (D) x 652mm (H)


Heating Capacity:
8kw unit: 8kW | ±80m²
10kw unit: 10kW | ±100m²
12kw unit: 12KW | ±120m²
13kw unit: 13kW | ±130m²
14kw unit: 14kW | ±140m²


Flue Outlet:

Flue Size: