Modern styling at its best. Our drop in grates are designed to simply drop into a hole in a slab, very much like a kitchen hob drops into the kitchen counter. The slab can be made out of any non combustible material; concrete, granite, marble, etc. to enable you to make a fashion statement to suit your home.

It is imperative for the grate to function, that there is an adequate air supply to the underside of the slab. All our Drop in Grates are provided with a louvre for you to build into the brick structure to allow the required amount of air in.

Airflow in a room reacts differently to a flame located against or near a rear wall, to a flame located in the middle of the room. Our Drop In Grates are designed to compensate for this. If you are installing a Drop in unit with a wall at the rear of it, order a “Single Sided Unit”; if the grate is to be installed away from any walls order a “Double Sided Unit”.

  • Available as standard in 700, 1000, 1400 or 2000 sizes
  • Available as specials with variable length & depth
  • Available in black or brushed stainless steel
  • Black unit is supplied with natural white stones to enable you to cover the grate in stones if so desired
  • Grates can be fitted flush with slab surface or recessed into it to give different looks

Heating Capacity:

  • Standard Models: 5-15kw, 200-600m3
  • Special Models: 10-15kw, 400-600m3

With an experienced and qualified LP Gas certified technician on board, we would like to assist with your certified gas installation. Contact us for a quotation.

Delivery is not included. Additional delivery costs may apply depending on the delivery address.