Convection Units can either be positioned on a non-combustible surface or used with the optional wood storage box, to raise the unit and provide space for 1 to 2 days’ wood storage, thereby creating a range of looks from the same unit.

The units all have rear heat deflector plates, enabling them to be installed 150mm off plaster walls. A snug fit for best look. These units are available with both top and rear flue exits.

Please take note that a woodburning fireplace require flues as well as an installation. Contact us for a quotation.

Delivery/Courier is not included. Additional delivery/courier costs may apply depending on the delivery address.

14kw Convection Box: 750mm (W) x 621mm (D) x 630mm (H)
14kw Unit on Wood Box: 750mm (W) x 629mm (D) x 1130mm (H)

18kw Convection Box: 1100mm (W) x 494mm (D) x 565mm (H)
18kw Unit on Wood Box: 1100mm (W) x 502mm (D) x 1060mm (H)
18kw Unit on Short Legs: 1100mm (W) x 430mm (D) x 865mm (H)
18kw Unit on Long Legs: 1131mm (W) x 472mm (D) x 1015mm (H)


Heating Capacity:
14kw unit: 14kW | ±140m² | 560m³
18kw unit: 18kW | ±180m² | 720m³


Flue Outlet:

Flue Size:
14kw unit: 180mm
18kw unit: 180mm