The Cantilever Freestanding Wood Stove provides you with a look similar to that of a wall-mounted fireplace, with the sturdy steel piece to ensure its stability. Perfect for those scenarios where a wall-mounted unit would not be suitable, in the case where you have single skin walls, or a wall which is perhaps cladded.
These units are designed to be installed with a space for air to flow between the back of the unit and the wall it might be installed against. Well suited for smaller corner installations too where you wouldn’t want a corner to look too congested.

– Each unit comes with an attachable Slide Out Table to easily prepare your fire when lighting, or when you are restoking the fire. The slide out table also contains any mess that could potentially fall out the fireplace when you are restoking the fire.

– Supplied in 2 parts, the Convection Wood Stove (which is also common to the wall-mounted units) simply lifts onto the Cantilever stand and slides down into place. Quick and easy to install.

– Includes levelling feet so the unit sits comfortably on various floor types.

Please take note that a woodburning fireplace require flues as well as an installation. Contact us for a quotation.

Delivery/Courier is not included. Additional delivery/courier costs may apply depending on the delivery address.

8kw unit: 667mm (W) x 445mm (D) x 1104mm (H)
10kw unit: 750mm (W) x 445mm (D) x 1104mm (H)
13kw unit: 870mm (W) x 445mm (D) x 1104mm (H)
14kw unit: 840mm (W) x 445mm (D) x 1104mm (H)


Heating Capacity:
8kw unit: 8kW | ±80m²
10kw unit: 10kW | ±100m²
13kw unit: 13kW | ±130m²
14kw unit: 14kW | ±140m²


Flue Outlet:

Flue Size: