The newly launched Ardor model wood stoves have been designed to provide a slim but powerful freestanding wood stove. Like its bigger brothers it has:

– A convection box around the internal combustion chamber, to maximise movement of hot air out into the room and lower the temperature of the external steel walls. Keeping these safer when accidentally touched.

– A full vermiculite jacket inside the stove to increase the combustion temperature. This increases both the efficiency of the stove and the ability of the stove to move more heat out through the window of the stove as a light wave. Great at heating big areas quickly.

– Long slow burn times. Once the fire is burning well with a full load of wood, the dual Air Controls can be closed about 90%, allowing the fire to burn slowly for hours and keep your room warm.

Whilst the screen will most certainly reduce the heat projected through the glass and lessen the burn should someone try touch the glass, it must be noted that this is a precautionary measure and injury and/or damage could still take place.

Please take note that a woodburning fireplace require flues as well as an installation. Contact us for a quotation.

Delivery/Courier is not included. Additional delivery/courier costs may apply depending on the delivery address.

6kw unit with Wood Box: 468mm (W) x 379mm (D) x 1003mm (H)
6kw unit with Tapered Legs: 468mm (W) x 379mm (D) x 868mm (H)
6kw unit with Slimline Legs: 468mm (W) x 379mm (D) x 868mm (H)
8kw unit with Wood Box: 588mm (W) x 379mm (D) x 1003mm (H)
8kw unit with Tapered Legs: 588mm (W) x 379mm (D) x 868mm (H)
8kw unit with Slimline Legs: 588mm (W) x 379mm (D) x 868mm (H)


Heating Capacity:
6kw unit: 6kW | ±60m² | up to 240m³
8kw unit: 8kW | ±80m² | up to 320m³


Flue Outlet:

Flue Size:
6kw unit: 130mm
8kw unit: 150mm