The Emerald is a six-sided fireplace which gives a real feeling and ambience of an open wood fire; endlessly fascinating, totally relaxing and always comforting. It is ideal for the center of a large entertainment area, open plan living area, in-between an arch of two rooms, or a room divider. A second door might be added for easy access on either side of the fireplace. The unit is available in two sizes.

The price includes a grate and ashpan, 3.6m chimney, damper, trimring, rotating cowl, touch-up paint and BUILT-IN HUMIDIFIER! Contact us for installation.

Delivery is not included. Additional delivery costs may apply depending on the delivery address.

Emerald 800
Unit Size: W 800mm x H 1220mm x D 700mm
Heating Capacity: 120m3

Emerald 1000
Unit Size: W 1000mm x H 1470mm x D 900mm
Heating Capacity: 180m3