Stir up the heat with a Chad-O-Chef Stir-Fry Pan. The 304 Grade Stainless Steel design gets up to temperature quickly and holds heat well due to its 4.5mm thickness.  The Stir-Fry Skillet adds dishes like Eastern style stirfry’s and Pan Seared steaks to your menu.

Available in 3 different sizes for all your entertainment needs.

  • 350mm – Small – (suitable for all braai)
  • 525mm – Medium – (suitable for 4; 5 & 6 Burner Braais only)
  • 700mm – Large – (suitable for 5 & 6 Burner Braais only)

Model Specific Sizing

Do not block off your braai’s airflow by oversizing Stirfry Skillet.  Our stirfry skillets are sized according to the different burner models in our range. Each has been specifically designed to fit a specific cooking area without blocking off the airflow of our Braais completely.